If you or someone you know are struggling with debt, there are resources available to help. There are a number of organisations that provide free guidance and information on options you might not otherwise know about. For example, did you know you can pay by instalments?

To get in contact with these organisations, please see their contact information below.


Salvos Financial Counselling

Are you struggling to pay your credit card? Is legal action imminent? Is your electricity bill overdue? Or are you having trouble making ends meet? You can get your money under control, and we can help.

When you talk through your situation with our caring, professional counsellors, you’ll receive personalised advice on how to get through your money problems, and avoid trouble in the future. Importantly, our service is free and confidential.


If you need urgent financial help and are in ACT, NSW or Queensland call the emergency relief team on 1300 371 288.


Australian Financial Complaints Authority

We provide consumers and small businesses with fair, free and independent dispute resolution for financial complaints.


1800 931 678