Our goal

AICR’s goal is to promote high ethical conduct and best practice operating standards across the industry.


Community engagement

Consumer debt
One in six Australians are struggling with debt. Australia’s household debt to income ratio has hit close to 200 per cent which equates to “one of the highest in the world”. Non-compliant debt collection practices result in significant detriment to vulnerable and disadvantaged consumers. AICR members will treat all consumers with the utmost respect, will be helpful, courteous and polite and consider the consumers interests and not just their own.


Engaging with government

Increased oversight by government including the ASIC/ACCC guidelines, The Australian Consumer Law and the Australian Credit Licence has improved ethical operating standards within the industry. AICR will continue to work with government to ensure the highest ethical and best practice operating standards are maintained within the industry.

Code of ethics

To find out more about AICR's ethical approach, download the free Code of Ethics booklet.