NSW Local Government Week Awards – Congratulations to all the winners!

August 12th 2020

In this annual Local Government Week, I want to acknowledge the hardworking Council workers and Councillors across our land who have been supporting their communities through some tough economic times. As well as the crippling drought, devastating bushfires and floods, there is COVID-19. This pandemic has affected us all, not just those in the cities and metropolitan areas. It has stuck it's horrible claws into some of our rural and regional communities just as they struggle to overcome all that nature has thrown at them.

So, it was a small but nonetheless bright sign amongst all the bad news that a selection of the hard work that councils have been doing for their people was recognised in this week’s NSW Local Government Awards. (I am particularly thrilled that one of my favourite events, the Parkes Elvis Festival, received an award. Richly deserved!)

It is another sign of these extraordinarily pressing times that the awards were issued online by the NSW Local Government Minister, Ms Shelley Hancock, who noted that councils work hard to make their local communities great places to live, work and play.

I can only endorse the Minister’s words and congratulate those councils and community groups who were also awarded for their outstanding projects and leadership in areas as diverse as sculpture, cultural projects, planning, waterway preservation and even building the night-time economy.    

A full list of the awards is available on the NSW Local Government website, and it is worth a look:

AIRC members have a long history of working with local governments across our country. We get to see some of the outstanding work that Councils do for their communities. We congratulate the winners and salute all involved.  

Yours sincerely,  
Brian Carter